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Hello, my name is Nikole Parker, and I am so blessed to be a mother to the most amazing 8 year old girl ever! It was my daughter who initially inspired me to become a professional photographer. She is so lovely, kind and her beauty is so heart is so pure. I quicky wanted to capture that love she poured out having had a childhood that lacked that unconditional love and innocence myself. 

I am married to an amazing Canadian who day after day has fought countless battles of showing me love. He is a warrior. He fights for our daughter and for me and truly has been a huge support system and encourager for our growing business.

I really love and adore children of all ages, as I mentioned above. Children offer such a pure abundance of love that they so naturally express while leaving their fragile emotions entirely exposed without hesitation nor do they have the knowlege of pain, hurt or suffering. To be able to feel these emotions while photographing is why I specialize in child and family photography in Albany, NY and the surrounding areas. 

Our Approach

I love kids, and choose to capturing the beauty of a child in their natural state. I do not believe in the regular family portraiture where many parents including myself in the past had to threaten their families to act right and smile big for our family picture. I want to capture a genuine smile rather than force a fake one. I believe beauty is in everyone and all around us. My greatest joy is to be able to remind my clients of that exact notion.

Posing and positioning also play a very important role in how we work here at BYB boutiques, but I also believe in the freedom of being yourself and having an enjoyable experience! Photos should be fun not an instant reminder of nails on a chalkboard at the thought of the sound of a camera's shutter.

 We invite you to explore and discover your inner beauty with us. Let BYB boutiques bring you beauty naturally and I promise you that you will walk away not only having had an amazing experience but also learning something new about yourself as well!

BYB Boutiques is a Photography Business designed to bring you beauty naturally.:


Creating Art

As an artistic portrait photographer, I feel each moment has the ability to become a unique piece of art. I usually have a consultation with all my clients before our session to see what twist we can come up with during our session to provide you with beautiful unique photos.

The camera is able to provide me with quality photos. Post processing is where our photos come to life. Enhancements and retouching is including in each session.


Gear Up

Camera: Nikon and D7000, and 99% of my images are captured with my versatile Nikon Zoom lens Nikkor 28mm‑70mm or my 50mm. I own a handful of other lenses, depending on the type of shoot lenses may vary.

Lighting: I have top of the line lighting equiptment. I have a portable studio that I can bring on location or we can agree on an outdoors location to shoot at. I really enjoy studio sessions as they offer a controlled setting rather than fighting with the sun. I do also love on location because they can provide unique photos. When I am shooting outdoors I am always watching the sun and positioning myself and the subjects properly to get the best quality images.

Award-Winning Photography

I’m honored to have received recognition and published work at  the Photocenter in Troy, NY .

I want to thank all the local business owners and families who have booked with me and have allowed me to share your special moments and life milestones. I’d love to contining pushing my work to higher levels with each session all while bringing you beauty.  It will be and forever is my greatest joy to capture and freeze the most amazing experiences your journey of life brings.





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